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Meteor Corp

Azul everybody! Welcome to Meteor Corp, the beating heart behind Meteor Airlines’ musical flights, isn’t just a label; it’s our home, our studio, and our launchpad to the myriad realms of musical exploration. It’s where tradition intertwines with modern rock melodies, crafting a tune of unity, resilience, and boundless creativity.

Founded and operated by the members of Meteor Airlines, each one of us wears multiple hats, be it delving into artwork, mastering the symphony of sounds, orchestrating video narratives, managing projects, or connecting with the world through social media. Every task is a group endeavour, every success, a shared joy. Despite the multitude of roles, our friendship is the tune that plays on, the rhythm that keeps us moving ahead.


Meteor Corp operates on a non-profit structure model. It’s not just about making music; it’s about creating a culture  shared dreams and mutual Amazigh Rock growth. Our label provides to Meteor Airlines an array of resources including of recording facilities, video production, graphic design, and promotional support, making every melody a journey, and every song, a narrative.

Extend your hand, amplify Amazigh Rock

Your support is a note in our musical compositions, a step in our journey. If our music resonates with your heart, consider contributing to making it alive.

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